2003 LogFest Movie Page

You can get shorter, smaller versions of these files at Llu'is's site.

Get The LogFest Parrot Sketch Movie

The video is DivX encoded. Once you've downloaded the DivX codec you should be able to view the video in any good video player, including Windows Media Player.

PLEASE use a download manager of some kind when downloading this file. By "download manager", I mean something that will allow you to resume the download if it is interrupted. This is very important, because I will sometimes deliberately kill connections that are using too much of my bandwidth, and this is a very large file. I can't recommend download managers myself, as I've never used one, but the first one I found that seemed reasonable was Fresh Download.

Please note that using a download accelerator will result in your machine being permanently banned from connecting to lojban.org and friends.

Software Links

While I am quite willing to help people with problems they may be having with DivX, any complaints about my usage of it that do not include a URL to the place the that complainer is offering to host an alternate version of this this three hundred mebibyte file (two gibibytes un-encoded) will be deleted unread.

Video Editor Needed

The video is entirely un-edited. I would really, really love someone to edit it. If you want the (much, much larger) raw video files in order to do so, please let me know. There are several takes of the sketch on this video, and editing is desperately needed. In particular, much of the final half of the video is a blue screen.