Common Lisp Stuff

Lately (mid-2008) I’ve started using Common Lisp for a couple of
projects. I’d been using Scheme for a while before that, but seeing
the difference between the SQL libraries available for my Scheme and
CLSQL kind of put me off it. I still
like Scheme better as a language (I don’t like Lisp-2 languages at
all), but not enough to forgo the vast library code advantage
CL has.

So here’s some bits about CL, just sort of writing them down as I
encounter them in case they’re helpful to others, or to me in the

  • Learning About Weblocks
  • Weblocks Tutorial Blog
  • CLHS Searcher
  • The Series Library is an interesting tool for dealing with iteration over just about anything. It’s a bunch of operations on a lazy-list-like data type. If that means anything to you, it’s probably worth taking the time to understand this library.
  • Heresy is, by contrast, a much better general lazy list tool, at least for my purpsose.
  • SPath is my first CL package. It’s a DSL for digging through large list structures, like those that get generated by converting XML to s-expressions.
  • I’m really into the whole continuation-based webserver thing. The two I’ve found most intriguing are Weblocks and core-server (although an honorable mention goes to UnCommon Web for being more popular than either and having some great screencasts). I went with Weblocks for reasons I describe at length on the core-server mailing list.